Don’t forget…use your new business card in smart ways, and always have some on you! - Wear it as a name-tag instead of the one handed to you at the door of a function. - Give it out whenever the opportunity arises - if you want to be subtle, then ask for someone else’s card first, then return the favour by presenting them with one of yours. - Give out more than one and invite people to pass them on to others. - Where appropriate, leave some with a related business (and perhaps offer to do the same for them) - Pin your business card on notice boards, where appropriate.
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OUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE PRICING INCLUDES ALL ARTWORK COSTS We are great at re-creating and/or improving your current business card artwork. We send your proof via email. Fast turn-around times!
MOBILE AMBASSADORS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Do you make the most of your business card? Used correctly, it can be one of the most effective, low-cost weapons in your marketing arsenal. How many people do you give your business card to every day? How do you give it, and how do they respond? What happens to it after you've given it to a prospect? Add value to your card and turn it into a mobile ambassador for your business. Don't skimp... Make sure your business card looks professional, that there are no spelling errors, that it is up to date and properly printed on good quality stock. Your HOME MADE cards will LOOK HOME MADE and seldom fit the bill. Aim for decent cards and you will attract better clients who are willing to pay a fair price for your services/product. Make sure your name is clearly visible on your card. Apart from making it easy for people to read, you could also use your card to double as a name tag at networking functions. Have your business name and logo on the card - the more unique and impactful, the better. Take into consideration where else you will use your logo. You can use it on everything such as brochures, your web site, presentations and adverts. (YES we can design a logo for your business, that you can then use in whatever future marketing you undertake) Add a slogan, strap line, positioning statement - to the front of your card. Just one sentence (or partial sentence) telling people what you can do for them. Here's an example: "putting more leisure in your life", or perhaps better still, "putting more life in your leisure time". Focus on what you can do for them, not always necessarily on your product or service. Ensure all your details are on the card, correct and current. Where possible, include your name, title if relevant, phone, fax, email, web site and postal address. It's not necessary to include your home address on your business card unless you expect clients to come to your premises. Adding the words "by appointment only" or "by appointment please" is appropriate if you consult from home but don't want people dropping in unexpectedly. Print on the back - use this space to highlight the biggest benefits of using your product or service, add a teaser (e.g. ask me how I can help you double your bottom line in six months), list product lines or services you offer, give some relevant tips or leave space for customised information (e.g. write down the colour of the paint they have chosen) or an appointment time. The more valuable you make this to them, the longer they will keep your card and the more they will refer back to it. Your business card should give something more than just contact information. Your card should include a brief explaination of what you or your company does. Get your business card created by a professional and experienced designer. Our design service is FREE because we believe you will reorder if you are happy with your card design. Put your company's web site on your business cards. Having a web site adds importance to your card and allows the customer to find out more about your product or service. Try to keep all the information on your card up to date. It must contain your latest phone number and email address. If your number has changed then get new cards, don't be tempted to make amendments on them. Keep your business card uncomplicated. Brochures and websites are for elaborating. Your image should reflect your field of expertise. It should be related to your business. For example if you are an insurance agent your card should be sober and elegant. Your business card is a unique part of your brand so there should be similarity between your company's other marketing items like brochures and letterheads, email signatures etc. (YES we can design an email signature for you and your staff to use in whatever email program you are comfortable with) Always keep some business cards with you. Attach a business card to all your correspondence. Don't give your business card too swiftly. Try to establish a discussion with your prospect first. That will generally prompt them to offer you their card. That is the perfect moment to offer yours.
ECONOMIES OF  SCALE One colour?, Two? Three maybe?..... It used to depend on your budget but now you can have as many colours (full colour photos even) as you wish for what it would normally cost for one and two colour business cards. Typically a printer will print four cards (called 'four up') at one time so an order of 1000 cards would actually be an order for 250 x A5 (210mm x 148mm). These then get cut down to give the finished card size. Now many printers will print 10up on an A4 or even 20up on an A3 sheet. For each colour your card has, you need 1 x film and 1 x plate. (A4 size is standard) This can cost @ NZ$50 per colour added to the cost of the actual printing process itself. Full colour printing is made up using four colours called cyan, yellow, magenta and black or CMYK. (Think of your TV picture made up of 3 colours red, green, blue to give a full image) Therefore you need four films and four plates costing @NZ$200 plus the cost of card design and the actual printing process. As you can see, a full colour print job could become quite expensive. Now take the 4up example above and instead of 4 x one business card.... Imagine that we have 4 different customers cards and we increase the job run to 1000 (ie... 4 X 1000 cards). Go a step further and make it 10 or more customers all laid up on one larger sheet!!! Printing of the increased quantity is only minimally more labour intensive and the film and plate costs are the same as it would be for only one customer. There it is.... Economies of Scale.... Because the costs of a full colour print run are shared between multiple customers…. everyone benefits from the savings. Don't forget that before all of that you will need a good, competent designer capable of designing a colour card and preparing it for printing. This itself costs time and money yet is provided FREE OF CHARGE from We believe that if you are happy with your card design, you will return for your future orders :) Artwork we create for your Business Cards can be carried on through to other marketing requirements such as your website, brochures, advertisements, signwriting.... all of which we can assist you with. It is because of 'economies of scale' that can provide clients with full colour cards, including artwork costs, at such a great price! Phone/Viber/Duo +64 21 932 269  or even better, email us a copy of your old card/logo, along with relevant information to appear on the front and/or back of your card. Your proof is OBLIGATION FREE! Got a design already made?........  You can email us JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF & TIFF formats, max file size of 6MB. We recommend sending images at a resolution of 400dpi or more. A business card is 91mm x 55mm, 1mm is then trimmed off each edge leaving 89mm x 53mm. Please flatten PDF files and convert fonts to outlines or curves. If this is all too much, you can send your image direct to and we'll be happy to help you out.